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We want to help make your wedding experience fun, easy and affordable. With a wide variety of style, design and options, your wedding will be as unique as you are. We will reflect your beliefs, personalities, creating a loving, authentic experience for you and your guests. We offer a host of services; to include, wedding officiants, coordinators,  relationship coaching and personalized wedding and gift items.



Events By Benita offers unique ceremonies for just the two of you (sometimes known as eloping!), or you might include a group of friends and family (the huge shebang!)
We can help you plan a ceremony as unique as yourself.
Our greatest pleasure is arranging weddings at South Carolina’s most romantic and picturesque nature settings. However, we are now currently serving North Carolina, Georgia and Florida.One of our primary concerns is to assist you in finding the ideal location and make everything as perfect and as memorable as possible.
We offer many wedding vows to select from.
We fit all your needs and keep your day worry free.
Our level of professionalism has been proven many times over.
Benita W. Bradley & Staff


The most important component of our relationship is the initial consultation… We are thrilled to be working with you in coordinating, managing and/or planning your next event, whether it’s a wedding and reception, social event or non-profit event, we look forward to working with you.
We know that with today’s technology, there are numerous resources out there (websites, blogs, do-it-yourself) to help guide you throughout the planning process. We also know that it can be overwhelming… When it comes to designing and coordinating your event, your personal style and/or brand is the key element in creating an inspirational space for you and your guests. Again, we begin with a basic package which can stand alone or be customized to fit your needs.
Whether your vision is inspired by life events, a mood, an inspirational board, a travel destination or even something as small as a particular smell that reminds of a certain time period in your life, we will custom design your event to look and feel like no other event you’ve ever attended.



What is a Relationship coach?
Relationship coaching helps you find and keep true love, whether you’re looking for love or need to rekindle romance with your partner. A coach knows how to build more trust in your relationship and deepen the connection. A relationship coach gives you skills to nurture lasting happiness.
What does a Relationship coach do?
Coaching teaches you to be mindful of your thoughts and actions with your partner. Learning to step back a little gives intimacy time to grow. When you check in with your feelings you’ll be able to express them better. It’s amazing how often people in love misunderstand each other.
Do I need a Relationship coach?
If you feel like your relationship is slipping away, then a relationship coach can open the doors to a loving future.

Benita Bradley has a degree from Liberty University in Psychology and a certificate in Life Coaching.
She’s a member of American Association of Christian Counselors.
Benita’s coaching is a combination of education and life experiences.

Disclaimer: Life Coaching is a profession that is profoundly different from consulting, mentoring, advice, therapy, or counseling.


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